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The Most Expensive · Oct 12, 2018

The Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" Shoes were created by Kanye and Nike and released in October 2009 and was valued at around £7,500 with signed versions going into the £90,000 mark. It's as if everything the man touches becomes priceless.

Very few were made meaning that they have gained even more value as time goes on.Fans of trainers (AKA Sneakerheads) get involved in serious bidding wars for these trainers which usually end around the £7-8 grand mark however in one massive bidding fight a pair sold for £13 Million, personally we're not too sure who has that much money to spend on some fabric but each to their own right?

It's even been found that someone who owned a signed pair of these was offered £98,000 and they didn't want to sell!

(Information sourced from The Idle Man)

If you'd like to purchase a pair of the coveted shoes you can either go to Sneakercon (tickets available here) or you can buy them online through FlightClub

If you're wondering what these shoes look like and how people react to them watch the video below!

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