The Most Expensive Suitcase

The Most Expensive · Oct 17, 2018

Regardless if you're traveling for business or pleasure a suitcase is a key part of your journey. If you want to travel fashionably yet sensibly you will need to pay attention to your suitcase. Several companies are in competition for the top spot but one will always shine above the rest. Henk. The Henk suitcase starts at €26,000 and ranges up to €29,000 for a basic model. Meaning the cheapest one is nearly as much as a fully fledged race horse.

Upset by the suitcases he used during his trips all over the planet, a Dutch businessman called Henk chose to create something better. it would have to include the finest materials and have incredibly intricate detailing in order for it to stand out from the 1000's of other cases on the market.

You'd be correct to assume that someone walking past Henk with his suitcase may admire the luggage. However, in a world where all suitcases are dark and boring Henks' travel cases will stand out from the crowd. Henk wanted a case that would catch eyes but still be functional. The result? A strong yet incredibly light and brilliant looking travel suitcase.

(Information sourced from Luxury Activist)

Henk cases also come with many unique features - some being the first of their kind. The first being the retractable wheels, when the suitcase handle is down the wheels sink into the case but as the handle is extended the wheels come out to allow you to wheel the suitcase around.

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