The Most Expensive Soap

The Most Expensive · Oct 24, 2018

If you don't like using a standard soap and have more of an exquisite taste then "Plank" - a yoga themed company has the product for you. It's called Cor and has been named as the worlds most expensive soap. The soap itself retails for $125 (£96) which is nearly enough to fill up The Most Expensive Sports Car

Contained in the soap Cor uses Chitosan to even skin tone, Sericin, which is a silk extract to moisturise and give UV protection and silver which is a known antibacterial agent (which is why it has such a hefty price tag.)

(Information sourced from Dispenser)

The soap has been proven by many on youtube and on the internet to help with facial ailments such as acne. To have the guts to charge that much for a small ball of soap you must be able to back it up with some results bellow is a video from the company on how to use It to achieve your dream skin.

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