The Most Expensive Mobile Phone

The Most Expensive · Nov 10, 2018

Most people when they think of phones they think of touch screens and bezzless displays such as the iPhone or the Samsung. With the lates iPhone coming in at £1,400 it's easy to think that this is the most expensive commercially available phone. However, the Intermec CN51 brings a challenge in that not only is it the size of a phone it also doubles as a portable computer powerhouse. Coming in at £2,086 you would need a very good reason in order to purchase it.

This mobile computer offers a massive range in what it can do along with being able to use either Windows or Android makes for a very powerful device. The phone comes with a wristband to make sure you don't drop it but should the moment arrise the phone is well protected to withstand a fall onto concrete from 5ft.

As far as using as a day to day phone goes, the phone itself has a 4" touch screen along with a keypad. It's not the nicest looking phone and wont stand anywhere near the newer iPhones or Samsungs as far as camera quality or ease of use. However if you're looking for a phone that will work every time you need it to and has a battery that will outlast the sun this is the phone.

(Information sourced from: The Barcode Warehouse)

If you happen to have £2000 lying around and want to buy a new phone with a barcode scanner built in then this is what you need. However, we wouldn't recommend it to the general public as it's not exactly what most people need or want.

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