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The Most Expensive · Feb 3, 2019

RV's have always been a good way to travel with loads of space, onboard showers, cooking facilities and being able to park basically anywhere and call it home. With hundreds of them on the market it's difficult to find one to match every one of your needs. However, with the EleMMent Palazzo you will be able to tick off every box that you could want or need. With full marble interior and the engine from a luxury yacht to pull it with. This RV coming in at $3.7 Million (£2.8 Million) is everything you could dream of.

This will definitely be a head turner in the fact that it looks like someone took a super yacht and placed it on top of some wheels. With the huge dome windscreen and massive front vents, the RV will definitely attract attention wherever you go. All be it the RV won't do the best millage and wont even come close to the speed that the Most Expensive Sports Car can do, but if you want something to feel like a mansion you can pick up and take anywhere then this is for you.

The RV's cab definitely takes things up a notch. The offset of the drivers console allows for an unobstructed view from the passenger side. The round windscreen gives an incredible look at the vehicles surroundings and the triple bladed wiper is much like a propeller from an aeroplane, giving the already high cab more of an aerial feel.

(Information sourced from: Campervan Finder)

If you love to travel and live wherever you'd like with the luxuries of a modern mansion but don't mind the extortionate cost of fuelling it then this RV is the choice for you.

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