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The Most Expensive · Nov 05, 2018

Everyone knows that London is up there with the most expensive places to live on the planet with a simple apartment costing around £2,500 a month! This house (located in Cowley Street London) however has been placed on the market and is valued at £36,000,000. That's correct, nearly £40 Million for a house. For that much money you could buy a small village and still have a cool £16 Million left over.

Known for its landmarks such as Big Ben and the House of Lords, owning a home in London can seam like a lovely idea. However very few can actually see these attractions from the windows. The building has an 8 person lift along with a spa, gym and Jacuzzi with a 10 Meter long swimming pool. So not only are you buying a house, you're also purchasing a leisure centre alongside!

Inside the house you'll find 7 bedrooms which is more than enough but if not, alongside them are 6 bathrooms and a further 5 'reception rooms'. Which I'm presuming are games rooms, lounges, dining rooms etc. This is definitely the house of your dreams as everything you could ever need is right at home. However we wouldn't recommend doing any work on it as the structure itself is a Grade II Listed building (which in the UK basically means you can't change anything about it.)

(Information sourced from: MSN and KnightFrank

If you're a multi millionaire and are looking to get into the housing market in England, this is definitely the place for you. I'm not one for big houses however if this were for me I can guarantee I'd have the largest house party in history.

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