The Most Expensive Graphics Card

The Most Expensive · Jan 3, 2019

Graphics cards are one of the fundamental components of a PC - they allow the computer to show the user what is going on and allow the user to communicate with the computer to execute any programs they want. Most people who play PC games will tell you how much difference a good graphics card makes in gameplay and general usability.

Most people would be willing to spend around £300 on a good graphics card with the newest Nvidia 1080 GPU costing £460. Now that card will not only perform fantastically for everything you could need but it will last a good 2 years in the PC and not show its age. If this isn't enough for you and you're looking to totally future-proof your PC then the PNY Technologies Quadro GV100 is the card for you, coming in at £8,200 the card boasts features that others simply couldn't handle.

The card is able to support up to four 8k monitors through the display ports built into the back of the card. It will easily play any game on ultra graphics and can easily support any graphical work that you could need to do. The card would be best used to mine bitcoins however we won't delve too far into that now.

(Information sourced from: B&H Photo and Video)

If you love to play video games or perhaps are doing high end video editing or graphical work then this is for you. It's less of a short term choice and more of a life investment. See the video below for information and an unboxing of the card.

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