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The Most Expensive · Oct 29, 2018

Originally bred to hunt and pull sleds the Samoyed was a fantastic friend for the Siberian Samoyede people. Among the breed's duties were: hiking, tracking and warming the owners by sleeping on top of them at night. Samoyed's start at a price of $4,000 (around £3,100) which is the equivalent to 4 iPhone XS's!

The breeds affection for humans comes from their time spent with the Nenetsky (formally known as the Samoyede which hints to the origins of their name) people who bred and raised them thousands years ago in Siberia. The dog was good around families and enjoyed spending time playing with the children (which they still enjoy).

Along with the charming smile, the Samoyed's defining trait is their heavy white coat. In the winter time, it's so dense that it's nearly impossible to see the skin underneath. This meant there is heavy shedding in spring - which was useful to weave into warm and incredible looking clothing.

(Information sourced from Dogtime)

Due to the history of the breed being in working they are intelligent and fast learners making them ideal for families and for elder people because when trained correctly they can be very well behaved and work well with children however if not done properly they can become quite boisterous and resort to barking, howling and digging around in boredom.

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