The Most Expensive Coffee

The Most Expensive · Nov 25, 2018

As the description of the site says "Black Ivory Coffee is the rarest and most expensive" so for millionaires looking to caffeinated before a day of work. The coffee is created by elephants in Thailand that consume Arabica Coffee beans. The coffee comes in at $1,100 (£860) per kilo making it nearly 62 times more expensive than the average kilo of coffee.

Once eaten, the beans are digested and then harvested from the waste. The Beans are digested within 15-70 hours and are imparted with several different flavours from the elephants stomachs. Black Ivory coffee has been described as "very smooth without the bitterness of regular coffee" and is the world's most expensive coffee.

The Black Ivory company calls itself the 'rarest and most expensive' coffee. On their website - explaining to viewers as to why they can charge so much for some coffee. They explain that 'Approximately 8,800 beans are picked for each kilo of roasted coffee, meaning 33 kilos of coffee cherries are required to produce just one kilogram of Black Ivory Coffee.'

Info sourced from Black Ivory Coffee

If you happen to be a multimillionaire looking for an exquisite and exotic coffee to perk you up after you stayed up too late watching TV in the Parnian Furniture Bed then this is for you! See the video down below to see the process your coffee beans make!

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