The Most Expensive Bottle of Water

The Most Expensive · Nov 10, 2019

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Considering the world is 71% and the human body is 60% you would think there would be an abundance of water making it cheaper to source or at least more reasonably priced for people to buy. Water itself is relatively easy to come by in most countries nowadays and bottled water makes it easily accessible and portable. However, if you're purchasing this you may not want to carry it around or even use it (at least I wouldn't). The Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani water comes in at $60,000 for a gold version (£46,700) which is roughly 92,000x more expensive than an averagel bottle of water... Don't worry though because the non gold plated version is a much more affordable $3,600 (£2,800) which is only 5600x more expensive than an average bottle of water.

The reason for the price tag on this water is because each bottle comes with water from 3 different points on the earth, one in france, one in fiji and lastly one from glaciers in iceland. Secondly the bottles are designed by Fernando Altamirano who is the CEO and owner of the Paolo di Verachi Studio. Even without this bottle he's most famous for designing the Cognac Dudognon Heritage Henri IV (which is the most expensive bottle of Cognac ever made).

(Information sourced from: Money Inc.)

Do you want to make sure you quench your guests thirst at the most expensive dinner party ever? Then look no further, this bottle will turn heads (if anyone recognises it) and if they don't I'd make it my mission to tell everyone how much it cost me... If you want to know more about the bottle and the contents watch the video below!

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